To Give

Giving to ‘LIFT Ministries Trust:


‘LIFT’ is a faith ministry which is entirely supported by some incredible people and awesome churches. Without their commitment what is being accomplished would quickly come to a close. The Board is grateful to each one.

Should you want to give to ‘LIFT’ the Trust Bank Account is:


As a registered Charitable Trust in New Zealand (CC 50847) all donations over $5 given within New Zealand are eligible for a Tax Rebate for that giving.


The ’12 Soldiers’ Vision:


Beginning in 2016 the ’12 Soldiers’ fund was launched specifically as an arm of ‘LIFT’ to assist with the care of the poor. We are excited as a Board that this residual fund, which is growing steadily through faithful giving is making contributions from its increase to meaningful Charities focusing on the Care of the Poor.

The fund is called the ‘12 Soldiers’ because a donation is made each month to a chosen Charity. In time there will in fact be 12 funds, one maturing each month from which giving will be done.

Should you want to join us to help grow this giving arm of ‘LIFT’ the bank account to do this is:


Thanks for partnering with us in ‘LIFT’ and all it is doing!

‘Lift Ministries’ Board of Trustees