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On our Events page you can see some of the places where Bruce will be speaking. Sunday Church services, Liberty Trust Information nights and ‘Liberty Biblical Financial’ Seminars are all open to whoever would like to attend. If e are in your area then why not plan to come long. I am sure that you will be encouraged as well as informed.

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The Purpose of the Apostolic

‘The Apostolic develops in us an appetite and a capacity for the Supernatural, the Pastoral helps prepare us to manage the natural’ In many places and Faith Communities people are exploring the Apostolic and what it looks like if this gift is resident in our churches...

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Your money doesn’t know where to go!

‘Your Money doesn’t know where to Go!’ One thing that I have learned in life is that money doesn’t have a clue where to go and so if someone doesn’t tell it where to go it will simply go wherever it wants to. A wise person once observed that essentially many lives are...

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The Four Purposes for Money

‘The Four Purposes for Money’ By Bruce McDonald          Understanding the ‘Four Purposes for Money’   We are all involved in dealing with money, almost on a daily basis. In fact there are few topics that can be discussed which affect every single person more...

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