How to know God


It is said that there are 2 definites in life…death and taxes. We need to know that there are at least three. The third absolute definite is that every person will one day meet God. Face to face and at that time we will be judged for the way we have lived our lives.

Not for how much money we have made or what fame we have achieved but for whether we have done right according to our conscience and God’s vies of right and wrong. For everyone I know that creates a problem. We have all violated our consciences, all disobeyed God’s simple commandments and except for some outside intervention are in significant rouble.

The amazing thing is that there has been an intervention. There has been something done about this dilemma. 2000 years ago Jesus came, lived an astonishing life and then died the death of a criminal, died as a substitute to pay the price for your sin (wrongdoing) and mine. Amazing!

But, there is a requirement to receive this!!! A ‘catch’ if you like. To receive this essential forgiveness for wrongdoing and to be made right in God’s eyes you have to ask for it. Pure and simple it is ours but it must be received.

How hard could that be. For many it would seem VERY hard because they do not ask, do not respond to the offer of all times and receive forgiveness from God. My challenge to you is, “don’t be one of them!!”

Below is a simple but powerful prayer. It is written for you and I challenge you to pray it in sincerity and now. Seek the cleansing from wrongdoing that you need SOOO badly. You prepare to pay your taxes, you prepare for your death, now prepare to meet God!



A Prayer for everyone:


Dear God, I thank you for sending Jesus to die on the cross for me! I acknowledge that I have done wrong and need the forgiveness that He alone can bring. Right now I confess all of my wrongdoing to you. I thank you Jesus for dying on the cross for me and I believe that by that you paid the price for my wrongdoing. Right now I choose to receive you into my life!

Thank you. Today I choose you as my Saviour and my Lord. Amen!


Learning to grow as a Christian


There are lots of things that can help us to live for God and to be a follower of Jesus. Look for a church to go to near where you live. If you do not have a Bible go and buy one or write to LIFT and we will send you one. Talk to Jesus every day and listen as He speaks to you for He will.

If you would like to do a simple Christian Bible Study email LIFT and we will send you one electronically and mark whatever lessons you send back to us.

Finally write to us today and tell us that you have prayed the prayer on this page. That will make our day!

If you would like to receive some teaching messages from Pastor Bruce McDonald write to us and we will see that you get some!