Bruce McDonald

Bruce McDonald


The following is an explanation of the activities of ‘Lift Ministries Trust’

‘Lift Ministries Trust (LIFT)’ is dedicated to:

  1. LIFT people through clear Biblical Teaching that seeks to apply Bible truths today.

As a Cornerstone the verse 3 John 2 from the Bible will always be the reference point:

‘Beloved I pray that you might prosper in all things and be in health even as your soul prospers.’


Teaching that brings:

a. Soul (Inner life) Prosperity

b. Financial keys that will change lives and families



  1. Insights into health and wellbeing
  2. LIFT Leaders through personal inspiration and mentoring, Conference speaking and targeted leadership meetings designed to magnify the importance of Leadership and how to do it well.
  3. LIFT Churches through targeted Bible teaching and focused Seminars. LIFT exists to support ‘local churches’ to be effective, creative and dynamic within the communities in which they exist.
  4. LIFT is also an acronym for ‘Liberty Family Trust’. LIFT is unreservedly committed to the purpose of assisting families to greater freedom (Liberty) both financially and relationally…many times these are altogether related!
  5. LIFT believes in the responsibility of all people, Christians especially to show compassion and care of the poor. This is at the heart of all Charitable work and so from its inception, ‘Lift Ministries Trust’ has committed to giving 10% of all undesignated funds to work involved with the care and needy – either ‘LIFT’ specific initiatives or other Charitable organisations dedicated to this great purpose




Pastor Bruce McDonald

Pastor Grant Bateson

Mrs Lisa Cleland

Mr Dan McDonald

Formed in 2014 ‘LIFT’ is a Charitable Trust and is registered as such with the New Zealand Charities Commission (CC 50847)